Believe It or Not Sessions

Utilizing Psych-K


Our positive and negative beliefs are the bedrock of our experience and reality. They impact our health and every aspect of our life,

as well as our perception of the world.

Our beliefs establish the limits of what we can achieve.

As human beings, we commonly experience situations that are un-comfortable, unpleasant or undesirable. Oftentimes they continue to persist or surface over and over again, simply indicating that our sub-conscious is holding strongly to negative definitions and limiting beliefs.

You’ve probably heard that we create our own reality, and yet it’s not our conscious mind that is at the helm of that process. Studies in neuroscience indicate that at least 95% of the day we are operating from habitual, subconscious programs. These programs can also access other lifetimes. We think that just because our conscious mind is aware of something that the subconscious has that information to transform and get out of the old program. But it doesn’t. By using this form of Energy Psychology, you become the programmer of your own life, anchoring your desired reality into the subconscious mind, and taking an empowered stance in determining your experience of reality. We can give our subconscious mind an update, stopping the old programs by simply inserting new programs and then supporting them with an action plan.

I’m delighted to be able to facilitate this process with you utilizing a technique known as Psych-K. I can assist you to access deeper layers of self, purpose and creative imagination, empowering you to skillfully change and custom design your experience of life.

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Basic Session - 1 hour - $100


Available starting  March 14th

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