Hoaxes, Disinformation and Brainwashing

Our glorious "new age" is filled with deception and lies that merely reflect our own willingness to hide and deny the truth about ourselves. This page will be devoted to casting light upon such surfacings. 

In the Wizard of Oz, the Flying Monkeys carried out the orders of the Wicked Witch of the West, capturing Dorothy and terrorizing others. This page, born on September 11, 2001 is devoted to exposing such monkeys and their flight patterns.

The popular Western media (often referred to as "news") is currently operating under the control of the Witch of the West. It manipulates the masses quite effectively. The Witch wants your ruby slippers (your attention) and will do anything to capture you and your slippers. As she has so artfully disclosed, separating you and your slippers is a delicate operation which takes time. Henceforth, we will refer to the Western media as the witch's Crystal Ball. If you choose to gaze into this particular Crystal Ball you are making a choice to create and live in the reality of the Western Witch. Her Crystal Ball promotes a perception of the world as an unsafe place, where you must constantly live in fear. Since this Crystal Ball permeates our current culture and extends into the realms known as "entertainment", it is virtually impossible, unless you live a life of complete isolation, to escape its images whether you view them firsthand or through the eyes of others who are spinning in the images that they have been fed. 

As the Western Witch turns over the hour glass, threatening you with a limited amount of time in which to live, she is in reality forecasting her own death - not yours. Ding dong.

Travel carefully with your mind (the scarecrow), your heart (the tin man), your will (the lion) and most importantly your intuition (the dog "Toto") functioning as One. We are being pushed to stretch beyond and over the rainbow. An attack on our intuitive knowing (Toto), which the Witch of the West desperately wants to separate us from, has been initiated in full. You will unwittingly throw water on her agenda of manipulation, control and implantation of fear, and watch her melt away like a bad dream if you simply continue to envision the world that you have come here to create. As perceived, so it shall be.

While it is impossible to list or evaluate every cause or concern in the world today, this page is intended as beginner's luck in keeping you clear of the flying monkeys. You must do the rest on your own.


Update:  It is time to stop terrorizing ourselves.

With the Western Witch's political takeover now well entrenched, most notably in the USA, the Flying Monkeys are so common place that for the most part it is like talking about the weather to hand out Flying Monkey alerts. Instead, it is time to become more proactive within this predicament.

The future is determined by what we are ready for. Not “ready for” in terms of anticipating, but “ready for” in terms of what we are capable of opening to. Thus it is a limited future that we can imagine with our minds and an unlimited future that we can open to in our hearts. The real question becomes not one of what will be manifest externally, but what are we ready to experience internally? It is possible to provoke the expansion of internal allowance by envisioning external possibilities. However, it is vital that we do not distract ourselves by allowing imagined realities to become foremost in our minds, and instead honor and focus upon our willingness to expand beyond our routine boundaries and sense of security. Oftentimes the projected realities that we hold are more in service to a yellow brick sense of self rather than a courageous departure from the known.

This isn't Kansas anymore and if we keep thinking that there is “no place like home” we effectively delay the evolution of our species and planet. There is no going back, and choosing to do so only results in stagnation. If you are here for the ride at this point in time, then you have come here to experience radical change. If that isn't what you signed up for, there will be many options for checking out soon, one way or another. It won't be possible to keep up with the momentum if comfort and convenience are held onto too tightly.

Perhaps the biggest challenge right now is to see through and beyond the accelerated play out of dualities, and to realize how invested we have become in taking sides. Taking sides is what the “Kansas Paradigm” is all about, always rooting for the “home” team. As we begin to interact with species and intelligences beyond historical precedent, our tendency toward comparison and prejudice must be held in check or we will unwittingly contribute to a war machine that is more than ready to roll against this newly perceived threat...

And just why are the UFOs and other civilizations that are visiting our planet perceived as threats and why the cover-up and denial of their existence?

The Oz twister that we are currently caught up in will land us softly on new ground if we intention a world that is safe for the evolution of consciousness and let go of standards and fears that our physical, emotional, mental and social bodies are not capable of the profound changes that are already occurring all around and within them. Gaia (our planet as a living and conscious entity) will guide us through this transition if we are willing to accept that human nature is no different in terms of evolutionary processes. Our desire to dominate, disrespect and control all nature(s) comes from a false sense of inadequacy. This helps to creates the illusion of power, which is the Western Witch's ultimate weapon. We are turning this weapon upon ourselves.

Who then is this Western Witch with those Flying Monkeys? Could WE actually be the Western Witch and the Flying Monkeys be our thoughts? If we take a stand against her/him/them, we may be simply avoiding responsibility for this conundrum. Our consciousness has produced the current state of affairs, and it is there that we best look for change. In these years that precede 2012 it is important that we learn how to stop terrorizing ourselves and focus on what we choose to support rather than on what we oppose. It is too easy to distract ourselves with the fear that we are being externally manipulated and controlled. This paranoia fuels war on many levels.

As things escalate we may find ourselves swallowing large mouthfuls of chaos before we become internally proactive enough to change directions. We must quit waiting for the wizard's or the president's or any external authority's permission to experience freedom. The road ahead is no longer paved by the yellow bricks of history, but by the golden light of intuitive knowing. May your path be gracious and full.



 Update: September 26, 2008

Many of you may have heard or seen predictions over the internet regarding the appearance of an extraterrestrial craft that is slated to appear on October 14th, 2008. It began with one person and now various people are posting videos and announcements to this effect. Several people have asked me about this supposed event. When I have checked in with my own guides (many of whom are extraterrestrial themselves), they have informed me that this indeed a hoax perpetuated by the same forces that turned the National Enquirer into a joke. (Did you know that the National Enquirer is owned and operated by channels of the C.I.A.?) It is a way of misleading those whose hearts and intentions are pure, and attempting to turn them toward a more jaded or doubtful mentality in regards to alternative probabilities/realities on Earth.

The positive side of this "prediction" is that even though there may be no mass visual occurrence, it is opening people to the reality of what exists everyday even if their eyes cannot see it. But the general population is not prepared to handle such a sighting in a mature and informed manner. The masses have been trance induced with images, ideas and beliefs that have planted fears on many levels that most Extraterrestrials are not here to serve the highest upliftment of mankind.

I think it would be wiser to pay more attention to what is already appearing in our skies on a daily basis, courtesy of the terrestrials of this planet that are part of a covert government. These are known as Chemtrails. You have been able to watch them being sprayed across our skies for years, and yet very little questioning or truth has been revealed about who is doing this and why. And this directly effects the air we breathe and the consciousness of the planet. These are tangible occurrences in our environment and yet concern or awareness of them has largely gone unnoticed.

We can draw an analogy to this hoax and one my favorite mythologies,"The Wizard of Oz". We could say that our attention is so overly focused on the Witch of the West who controls the media and now even exercises some influence over the internet which is the only free press/mass media on the planet, that we ignore or downplay the fact that our house has just landed on her sister, the Witch of the East! The Witch of the West's real agenda is to distract, not to be wicked. So what have we landed upon? Why aren't we looking at where our house sits now, instead looking to the future, often in fear, to provide us with the entertainment or answers that we seek?


(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit)

L. Frank Baum's beloved 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz refers to Glinda as the Good Witch of the South. Later books call her a "sorceress" rather than a "witch". Baum's writings make clear that he did not view witches as inherently wicked or in league with the Devil, so this change was probably meant to signal that Glinda was even more powerful than a witch. Indeed, she is usually described as the most powerful magician in Oz.

Besides a vast knowledge of magic, Glinda employs various tools, charms, and instruments in her workshop. The Emerald City of Oz reveals that she owns a Great Book of Records that allows her to track everything that goes on in the world from the instant it happens. Starting with The Road to Oz, she trains the formerly humbug Wizard in magic; he becomes a formidable practitioner, but acknowledges that she is more powerful yet. Glinda's magic is most apparent in Glinda of Oz, Baum's last book.

Glinda lives in a palace near the southern border of the Quadling Country, attended by one hundred beautiful maidens (twenty-five from each country of Oz). She also employs a large army of female soldiers, with which she placed Ozma on the throne of Oz at the end of The Marvelous Land of Oz. Men are not much in evidence in Glinda's society.

As a ruler, Glinda is strongly protective of her subjects. She creates gated communities for the rabbits of Bunnybury and the paper dolls of Miss Cuttenclip, and later in The Emerald City of Oz seals off all of Oz from the Great Outside World for its security. However, unlike Ozma, Glinda is willing to ignore strife and oppression in remote corners of Oz like Jinxland and the Skeezer territory as long as it does not threaten the Emerald City or innocent outsiders.

Flying Monkey Alert

Welcome to Oz

(This Isn't Kansas Anymore)