Shamanic Counseling/Training and Healing

The suggested contribution for these sessions is $100/hour.

Shamanic Counseling/Training

These in-depth sessions are teaching/coaching sessions where you’ll learn how to connect and journey with your own guides, guardians and spirit helpers to get your own answers and guidance.

You must refrain from using alcohol or recreational drugs for 3 days prior to these sessions.

Call Christopher at 360 390 5055 to schedule an appointment -

Or click here to schedule online.

Train Depot Sessions -

Generally, we all carry overshadowing spirits from time to time, whether they are hitchhikers or cherished house guests. Often they live in harmony with our own energy signatures for long periods of time. But in these wildly accelerated and activating times many of us are noticing things that we didn’t before - addictions, fears, anxieties, paranoia and emotions that aren’t necessarily our own.

A Depot Session is one way to serve the evolution and freedom of any overshadowing spirits that are with you, as well as your own. Once at the Depot, we can find and put them on whatever train is headed toward the destination where they’ll best be served. Most are just lost, confused and suffering beings that will gladly hop a train once they understand the situation. This compassionate approach allows for healing that restores balance and a promotes a win-win situation.

Things to look for in yourself that may indicate you’re ripe for a Depot Session:

Self Curse Unraveling -

(possession by thought forms, obsessions or beliefs)

Have negative beliefs or self talk that you can’t seem to free yourself from? These ideas and beliefs often result from intense moments in our past where we’ve unconsciously planted a “curse” and continue to fuel this thought form. They can be planted or reinforced by sayings we’ve taken in or things we’re told (like “sex is dirty” or “you’re stupid and no good”). If you find yourself in unwanted physical or emotional situations that keep repeating themselves, self curse unraveling can help you reclaim and redirect energy from self destructive patterns, beliefs and attitudes.

Family Lineage Curse/Thought form Unraveling -

Aware of family patterns that you are ready to step out of? Sometimes curses are handed down through generations. These curses were generally intentional on someone’s part, way back when.  

Using this technique we can:

Dream Deconstruction -

Sometimes we pour vast amounts of energy into dreams and visions of our life that then end or go unfulfilled. These can be relationships, careers, homes or a certain sense of self. If we aren’t following these dreams any longer it can be important to deconstruct them and pull the energy that was invested in these dreams back into ourselves. We can then utilize that energy and direct it toward whatever is most important to us now.

Christopher is also available for Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval,  and Extraction of non-sentient spiritual intrusions. These healings are often included in any of the above Shamanic Healing Techniques.  The suggested contribution for these sessions is $100/hr, but if funds are an issue, please contact Christopher.

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Shamanic Healing Sessions

These sessions can involve many different shamanic techniques for healing, including Extractions (removal of energy attachments), Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, De-possession (otherwise known as a Train Depot Session - removal of overshadowing spirits). Curse Unraveling, and/or Dream Deconstruction . Ultimately the Benevolent Helper Spirits will determine the course that we will take. See descriptions below. It is best to refrain from any alcohol or recreational drugs for 3 days prior to these sessions, especially when doing Depot Sessions.