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If time exists at all, it is something vast and limitless. Forcing it into a linear structure, or in the case of the Mayan Calendar a spiral, is no longer exciting for me or feels "accurate". To limit, by labeling or identification, what we "should" be experiencing each day seems a form of disrespect and artificial control. I feel that time can be used to recognize certain coordinates, but no coordinate is the truth, and instead just a choice of experience and reality.

It’s all happening now. It’s all accessible now. To make one day have one signature feels inauthentic to me now.  After 28 Earth years of producing a calendar for myself and others, I want to find a new way to honor my initial impulse to present the calendar as tool of transport rather than confinement. I have made various attempts along the way, such as my "Shamanic Keys to Mayan Calendar" (still available as small booklet and work of art - please contact me if interested).

I better understand that as a species we've been moving from a 3rd density (or dimension) paradigm to 4th density. In 3rd Density there are many “veils,” and a lot of separation is allowed to be experienced. In 4th Density transparency is an obvious change that can be noticed. In 4th Density we begin to explore what it is like to be part of a group consciousness (which is different than the “pack consciousness” of late 2nd Density). As a collective entity, as a collective consciousness, we are moving beyond old 3rd Density ideas and belief systems.

The Mayan Calendar was a valuable and instrumental tool and valuable stepping stone in this shift, particularly from the years 1987-2012. But we are now well on our way into 4th Density and some of us are even moving more into 5th Density, which can be witnessed as things like "The Power of Now", just being present, and not projecting forwards or backwards, just honoring the "Is-ness".

I still do have a love of calendars and so I am exploring how I might take that love and express it with/in something that feels honest and true to me now. Jose Arguelles, who popularized the Mayan Calendar always said that "Time is Art". I can envision turning a page on my website into a living calendar where you'd be randomly presented with a photograph or a piece of living art - a moment captured in time that speaks to the eternal truth within you, much like an Oracle, an invitation and meditation for Mystical Alignment. Currently I am not extremely web savvy, but my site is gearing up for a total overhaul. We'll see if this emerges in the process!

The Mayan Calendar