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Interested in aligning with a galactic sense of time?

Try the 2019 Calendar for Mystical Alignment!

There are galactic energies streaming to Earth with their song - a template of consciousness which our DNA responds to. In stillness we can recognize these songs and align with their highest intent. This template is sometimes referred to as the "sacred Mayan calendar", but it predates the Mayan Culture and it is more expansive than a calendar. It can be used to help one move into divine timing and beyond time. It is the breath of consciousness itself.

On this year’s printed calendar, there is plenty of space to create your own notations. Simple instructions are included for those who are unfamiliar with the Mayan notations on the calendar. The old phrases are still available if you ‘d like to use them (see below).

The 2019 printed calendar is vastly simplified. It has the Dreamspell/Galactic count still noted so that you can easily follow the 13 day cycles. This can have a profound effect and lift you out of the crusty trance of the Gregorian Calendar. The phrases for each day are in the process of being revised for release in the year 2020.

I’ve recently learned that channeled meanings, when applied to systems of time/astrology, need to be updated regularly or they begin to lose relevance. I was feeling this happening but couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I discovered this need for revision. It seems appropriate that a re-vision will appear in the year 2020.

Instructions and descriptions for the

2019 Calendar for Mystical Alignment HERE

More Supplemental Tables  - All of the Mystical Phrases, Burners, Portals, etc. - from the 2017 calendar - can still be used in the 2019 calendar. They are offered as a file which can be downloaded and/or

printed out HERE

To better understand The Calendar for Mystical Alignment and Christopher’s views about the Mayan Calendar

you can download and/or listen to:

Christopher speaking with Bashar about Time and

the Mayan Calendar (3 minutes in length)

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2019 Calendars are now on clearance at $3 per calendar + shipping.