Mischief Managed


I will be offering a Special Event in MN -

"An Evening of Contact" on Saturday May 19th, 2018

in Prior Lake, MN from 7- 9:30-ish pm

During this Evening of Contact - with yourself and the Universe - we will engage in a three part process:

First our group will focus on Projective Dream Work. With this approach we allow ourselves to take a journey into someone's dream, while focusing on our own experience rather than going into our heads searching for meanings. Instead, the meanings naturally emerge for everyone in different ways as we journey into revelatory zones that aren't planned on or thought out, and then share these internal journeys with the group. There is always the option to remain silent and just listen and take in the dream. Throughout the entire evening the option of silence will be honored and considered a deep form of participation.

Next, Christopher will provide a short "Contact Session" for each participant. These are brief readings holding the intention to bring through guidance that will lead each person into their own process of making deeper contact with themselves, their guides and the Universe.

Finally, we will gather as a group - outdoors if weather permits - to reach out and commune with the heavens and our Star ancestors and family.

The cost for this evening is $30. It will be held at a private home in Prior Lake, MN - details will be provided after registration.

 Advance registration and payment is required. No refunds. You may register and pay by credit card HERE

Or if you prefer to mail a check, send it to:

Christopher Emmer, PO Box 758, Carson, WA  98610

Checks must be received by May 15th, 2018.