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                                      About the Teleconferences

There are no Teleconferences scheduled at this time. 

You can order audio copies of past teleconferences. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST .

In the near future these will be available as MP3 files that you can download.

Teleconferences are channeled sessions held over the telephone. Teleconferences allow you to join with others and gain insights as a group, rather than in a one-on-one session. The participants call a phone number that is a bridgeline. The channeling is live and interactive. Participants can ask questions and share ideas.  It is also amazing to develop a new community with people from all over the country.

The beauty of a teleconference is you can be curled up on your sofa or sitting at your kitchen table or in a yoga position. You don't have to be anywhere else. If you are shy in groups, you may find it very easier to ask questions and share insights during a teleconference as no one will be looking at you. Everyone is listening, not looking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just lecture, or can I ask questions?

After an opening message, which may vary in length, Excalibur will ask for questions about what was just covered. If those questions are covered and there are no further questions regarding the opening topic, either another topic will be addressed or the session will be open for general questions.

Will I be given a toll free number to call?

No. We will be using different numbers for different teleconferences. You are responsible for paying for the call, which will appear on your long distance phone bill as a regular long distance call. No other charges are tacked on to the call, just whatever your long distance company charges you.

Can I talk to other participants during the call?

This medium is designed to be channel-focused, so you should plan on interacting with the guides who are coming through Excalibur, not with other participants. If other people you know are on the call, please refrain from exchanges like "Hi Mary! I haven't talked to you in a while. What's the weather like in Minneapolis?" This just bogs down the call. The bridge line we are using allows us to mute everyone except the presenter, which we do except during the Q & A period. We also encourage everyone to mute their own phone unless they are asking a question. The less interfering sound on the line, the better everyone can hear.

I have call waiting. What if I get a call during the teleconference?

If you have call waiting, please disable it before calling in by dialing *70 and waiting for the dial tone.

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