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There are three levels of Krybryone Initiations being performed through Excalibur:

Level One

Involves your placing a piece of Krybryone at various chakra points on your body while holding an Andara or Prophecy Stone in the other hand. You then just relax as specific music is played, allowing it to work as you are guided you through eight (or more!) chakras. Toning may be utilized. This level is done either individually or with a group. Group initiations are very powerful.

Level Two

Is done in a tub or pool of warm natural water (from a well, river, lake or spring). The stones are anointed with essential oils and placed in the water and on you. This magnifies the effect, allowing every pore of your body to come into contact with Krybryone's activating qualities. Excalibur will allow words, tones and sounds to come forth from the universal field as you relax in the water. This level is done either individually or with a group.

Level Three

Is done with two tubs or pools of natural water. One tub is hot (approx. 104-111 degrees). The other tub is cold (approx. 55-80 degrees). Krybryone is placed in the hot tub. You will then alternate 7 times between the hot and cold tubs. A different piece of music, corresponding to the 7 basic chakras, is played each time you immerse yourself in the hot tub. Your lymphatic system participates on a profound level in this initiation, circulating and moving the energy. This level is done individually. The actual initiation takes approximately 33 minutes, but it is wise to allow a couple of hours for this, as the effect is vast and re-integration can take awhile.


Locations for Initiations varies and is dependent upon having ideal circumstances set up. If you would like to host an initiation in your area, please .

There is never a charge for Krybryone Initiations, but donations are welcome.

Perform your own initiation(s)! Krybryone pieces are now being offered for sale. Contact Christopher.

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