Krybryone -  A Gift from the Stars

Otherwise known as Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, this stone was created approximately 28.5 million years ago by the explosion of a planet that is often referred to as Maldek, which is now the Asteroid Belt. A particularly large fragment hit the Sahara Desert near Egypt, fusing the sand with celestial energetics into Krybryone. Wind, water and sand then sculpted these pieces into what is found today.

It was discovered on planet Earth by the western world in 1932 by Patrick Clayton in the Sahara Desert outside of Egypt, but was well known to the ancient Egyptians. It has been found in various breast plates, and a scarab carved from this “glass” was found in King Tutankhamen's tomb. Libyan Desert Glass is almost pure silica with traces of iridium, proof of its extraterrestrial origin, since Iridium is an element that is not native to this planet. Inclusions of Cristobalite are also often found in this stone. Some pieces contain bubbles which are lenticular or irregular in shape. The largest piece recently found weighed about 50 kg (110 lbs). Collecting this tektite is difficult and dangerous, and is now controlled and extremely limited by local Libyan authorities. In March of 2006 the impact crater was finally discovered in Egypt.

Krybryone helps us to more fully awaken the light of our soul essence and our DNA program. It acts as a focus and a channel for bringing cosmic energies directly into the center of our being. It can assist us in connecting with ALL levels of our expression. It serves as an ambassador from the stars, reminding us of ancient memories and future callings.

Here is some edited and revised information that Excalibur and Ariana Starr brought through about it:

Krybryone Channeling

We heard of your endeavor to access information about the function and purpose of the stone you may refer to as Krybryone, which has been recently discovered upon your planet. What you wish to call it doesn’t matter – whether you use "Krybryone" or "The Christ Energy" or whatever – all words and concepts fall short of what this energy is about. It is a stone that is in service to this planet and to all those who wish to access the greater realms at this time. It will remind you of a time when your true seed, your true intent was planted here on the planet.

The Krybryone is used for accessing light years of information. (Light is information). Your bodies can read light. Your minds cannot.

To be with the stone is an Initiation. Only a few people will be able to be the holders or the keepers of the stone and serve the stone in its travels. Those who will not be carrying the stone can still experience and know the same Initiation. It is only necessary to come into physical contact to resonate with the stone and to experience activation. It will always be important to listen to what that stone is asking of you, rather than thinking of what you can do with it. There will be some unusual moments… things that you would never have thought of. You are only honoring its request to be of incredible service and sanctity on the planet at this time.

You will find (and it would be a good idea to mention to those who you are introducing this stone to) that there is often a lag period between contact with the stone and conscious understanding of its activation, for it is subtle and gentle. When those who come in contact with the stone are Initiated by it, a light switch is thrown. Many new pathways, or circuitways course through the cells and the DNA. However, in just that process, little can be felt or known. But as the weeks unfold from that process, synchrony begins to occur. In other words, the human being that has self-activated begins to step into movement with the network, with the awakening or "ascension", if you will. Since you are mainly focused on the third dimension, there seems to be a lag time. But the lag time is only dimensional. Those who are highly tuned to the fourth dimension and beyond will sense immediately what is going on. For others, more focused in the third, it will take some time. We are cautious about planting expectations here, because what we want to encourage is that which is beyond what you could imagine or fathom. When you think you "know", it places an intention for the stone, rather than allowing your relationship with the stone to be directing you and teaching you new ways and insight.

It is very, very important to sit quietly with the stones. They are very much alive because they are connected to the galactic telegraph system. They are like cosmic telephone receivers - and so are you. You are never quite sure who will be on the other end of the line when you stop to listen. These stones are to Earth what your internet is to your computers. It is not important to have any ideas of what energy is flowing through the stone or how they can be used, because there is another Council, or aspect of yourself, which governs and oversees their use. However, as the stones come into contact with different individuals, they will be establishing different links with different star systems, star beings, even earth entities and it is important to realize that there is not just one entity or being or group that is working with you through your contact with these stones. Each stone is a little different also. We encourage you to go out at night with these stones, in the moonlight if possible, particularly if you can also be near water. The receiving (and to a lesser extent the transmitting) capacity is amplified during those times.

The stones are not record keepers. You have the records within you. The stone is an activator because it holds a certain resonance. When you hold the stone, you are reminded of your greater potential,  which naturally encourages you to activate your own DNA. As the DNA re-encodes and is awakened, the many dimensions that you inhabit become more accessible to you.

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Now available! Pieces of Krybryone are being offered for sale.  

This stone is difficult to obtain, especially since local authorities prohibit its removal from the Sahara Desert. I have spent years collecting pieces from various sources and currently have hundreds of pieces of Krybryone for sale. I have been directed to try to get it into as many human hands as possible, through initiations as well as by offering it for sale at wholesale prices.

If you are interested in obtaining a piece of Krybryone, please READ THESE GUIDELINES and then Contact Christopher. Prices range from $10 -$1300. It is best if you approach the purchase with your intuitive self.

Also available from Excalibur:

Prophecy Stones - Found only in the Sahara near where the Krybryone is found - seemingly a composite of pyrite/marcasite, they come in all kinds of wild shapes & styles (not just the round ones which are sometimes found) and are a complete mystery - one theory being that they originally formed as crystals on the sea bottom that later pseudo morphed to hematite - but I think that's stretching for an explanation. Energetically they are polar to Krybryone - very intense and not so subtle about it, they contained specific stored information for specific individuals/groups.  $1 per gram.

Andara Crystal Glass (interdimensionally infused glass) - Originally found in the Sierra Mountains near deposits of monatomic gold. Andara can be used to expand states of awareness, clear and balance the chakras, enhance channeling abilities and accelerate spiritual development.  $1 per gram.

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