Spiritual Intuitive Counseling Sessions

(scheduled for any length up to an hour, in 15 minute increments)

Productive for those who have specific questions, predicaments or dreams, we connect with the highest guides that are working with you and gain insight into the best ways to embrace and work with whatever circumstances currently surround you. I offer myself a Spiritual Counselor, not as as a "psychic" or fortune teller. Only you can predict your life. Only you have the power to make the decisions that determine your destiny.

While the guides may paint a picture of the future which often plays out, they are only sensing the energy that is most prominent and probable to manifest in this reality at the particular point in time in which they are speaking with you. We are constantly shifting between parallel realities - over a billion times a second! This is what gives us our linear sense of time. It is only in the spirit of entertaining new possibilities and following your excitement that any forecasting is offered. They may encourage you to consider things in different ways than what you are accustomed to. As you open to new perspectives, you encourage new creations and realities to emerge based on your excitement. You then imbue your life with a new sense of direction, purpose and possibilities. Don't allow any preconception, expectation or attachment to what you think might be best for you get in the way of new pathways emerging that might allow you to express yourself in new and more expansive ways.

From the soul's perspective there is only growth and experience - and no such thing as failure, yet our egos often get stuck in such a concept. Continue to follow your excitement to the best of your ability without expectation and remember that the point of power is in the present - not the future. We are always collectively led into the present moment for reasons beyond the understanding or control of our rational minds. This freedom from our minds is music to our souls. Employ your mind to dance and play with reality, and imagine what it is that might be exciting for you. But realize it is not the ultimate creator of reality, only a player in the creation - and can prove to be quite powerful in limiting our reality through perceptions of what is real, necessary and/or possible. Our minds often tend toward control and wanting to be right, which is quite different from being happy or fulfilled. If things don't turn out as expected - celebrate! You are allowing life to lead you into a deeper place than anything you might have expected or been attached to. Congratulations!

Phone sessions are billed at $50 for the first 15 minutes, and $40 for each additional 15 minutes, up to a maximum of one hour. An optional MP3 file of the session will be sent to you at no extra charge. The phone call is included in the price, anywhere on the planet.

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