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Excalibur is an Architect of Communion, accessing forgotten truth.

 Christopher Emmer aka Excalibur is a uni-terrestrial  - a working integration of cosmic consciousness within civilian form. Uni-terrestrials are star seeds, ignited by contact with other extra and ultra terrestrial life forms.

Christopher has spent many years embracing both his human and star lineage, reaching beyond the grasp of the intellect and the confines of the linear mind. In this way he has made contact with his deeper dreaming self, referred to as Excalibur, and is in a state of deep telepathic resonance with many life forms, spiritual guides and multi-dimensional beings. He has served as a Spiritual Counselor and teacher for over 35 years. He offers his skill in the realms of Dream Exploration, Intuitive and Shamanic Counseling, Shamanic Healing, Krybryone activations - and “Believe it of Not” sessions.


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