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"When I meet anyone I always assume that they are God until they prove that they are not." 

- Jon McIntire

Now available for free as a gift to humankind!

When I first officially started having T with the ETs, it opened new doorways of insight that I wanted to share with others. Now I am very aware that when I sit down for “T” - they have brought many of their friends with them, other divine presences and spirits that we might equate to the company of angels. It seems as though the ETs are not interacting with us on just their own initiative, and that they want us to know the rest of their “friends”.

T with ET (and Associates) was published 5 times a year from March 2002 - March 2004, and was initially available by subscription only. Currently, all 10 back issues of T with ET are available online and can be downloaded here as a PDF file.  If this link doesn't work for you, contact Christopher and he can email the file to you.

Here is a link to the file.

Some of the topics that are covered are: 

Choice, Conspiracies, Peace, Pain, Anger, Love, Passion, Desire, Faith, Purpose, Judgment, Discernment & Sound.


or call (360) 390-5055 for more info.

Copyright © 2004  Christopher Emmer


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